Welcome to Youngnak IWE!

Welcome to Youngnak IWE!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


Welcome to Youngnak IWE! We are looking forward to seeing you soon in person.


Youngnak International Worship in English (IWE) is a gospel-centered Christian community with rich diversity and faith legacy. Many of us come from different cultural backgrounds seeking for a community filled with God’s love and grace. Although Korea is not the homeland to most of us, we try to help and connect with each other in settling down in a foreign country. And in ways of doing that, we build ourselves in firm Christian faith as well as encouraging one another with love of Christ.


Anyone who is in need of Christian worship and fellowship are welcomed. We have two worship services on Sundays: a traditional worship at 10 AM with hymns and liturgy, and a contemporary worship at 3:30 PM called Nexus Worship with a praise team and community time. And if you do visit us, let us know and don’t be shy to stick around for fellowship. We will be more than happy to get to know you and pray for you.


Always remember that you are not alone here in Korea. There is a community waiting and willing to pray for you and share the love of Christ.


Pastor Justin Kim


Justin Kim
Lead Pastor, Youngnak IWE

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