Youngnak IWE offers two different styles of worship services on Sundays.
The Children’s Ministry Worship takes place on Sundays at 10 AM.

10AM Traditional Worship

Mission Chapel

The traditional worship service at IWE gathers at 10AM in the Mission Chapel. Our worship draws on the richness of the Christian church’s history, including liturgical elements such as responsive readings, prayers, and confession. All words that are spoken and all music that is sung are designed to enrich the scripture and sermon of the day.

3:30PM Nexus Worship (Contemporary)

Mission Chapel

Nexus worship is the contemporary worship service that embraces modern worship songs, classic hymns, as well as original worship music. We believe that worship opens our hearts to see the God’s presence all around us. Our goal is to build a  young  community,  growing together across diverse cultures.

10AM Zera (Children’s) Ministry

Admin Bldg Room 504

Children’s Ministry is available during the 10AM Traditional Worship. The children of our morning congregation gather together to worship the Lord with great passion and excitement. Through the leadership of our team and the care of our teachers, the younger generation learns to love Christ and love one another.


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